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‎How to Fix Toshiba sx4 printer troubleshooting?

Toshiba Sx4 are thermal printers which have maintained the technical innovation of Toshiba high-class industrial printers. Though they are of superior quality, users often encounter some common errors which need serious attention. If you are facing errors in your Toshiba Sx4 printers and you fail to fix, avail our immediate support to resolve Toshiba Sx4 printer troubleshooting.

‎How to Fix toshiba sx4 printer troubleshooting

You can go through the instructions which are provided by our expert team to get rid of such errors. Then also, if you cannot resolve, call us for assistance.

Follow This Section To Get possible Solutions For Your Toshiba Sx4 Printer Problems:

  • Head Open Error- You receive this error code when your Print Head Block is opened in online mode. To solve this, you need to close the print head block.
  • Cutter Error- If and only the cutter module is installed on your printer, then you get this error code. It occurs because the media is somewhere jammed in the cutter. To solve this, you have to remove the jammed media and press the Restart key to restart your printer.
  • Ribbon Error- When the ribbon is not fed properly in the printer, this message appears on the LCD of your printer. In this case, you should remove and check the status of the ribbon. Sometimes, even you need to replace it.
  • Excess Head Temp- This error message appears on the printer when the print head is overheated. You can solve this issue in minutes by turning off the printer and allowing it to cool down.
  • Comms Error- This displays when any communication error has occurred. An easy way to resolve this is by checking whether the interface cable is properly connected to the printer and the host. Make sure that the host is turned on.
  • Paper Jam Error- You get this error code when any media gets jammed in the media path, any wrong media is selected for the media being used or when the size of the loaded media is different. There are different ways in which you can try to solve this error. You can clean the plates and reload the media correctly.

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