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Asus Error Code 00 [Fixed] | Hacks To Resolve Motherboard Issue

  • Posted by Faith Armstrong
  • On November 8, 2019
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It is very annoying when you face ‘code 00’ on your Asus laptop. If your system is hit by this error, a long “beep” sound will be audible when the computer starts up. Hence, fix Asus error code 00 as soon as possible, if you want to avoid any worst-case scenarios. 

The error can occur due to reasons like problems in motherboard and BIOS, issues in CPU, internal Hard disk drive issue, misplace of RAMs, etc.

This article is meant for you if you are facing this same problem. We will provide solutions to this problem. So, follow all the instructions and troubleshoot this motherboard problem.

Methods to Fix Asus Motherboard Error Code 00

The effective solutions to Asus error code 00 are as follows.

Method 1: Check Motherboard

Error code 00 can occur due to some specific restrictions on the motherboard. You need to install a few standoffs (jackscrew made from brass) to support your motherboard. To fix this error, it is important to verify if these standoffs are working correctly or not. 

If no standoffs are installed on your motherboard, you have to install it as soon as possible. After soldering the standoff jacks, hopefully, the error will not appear.

Note: This specific task is highly critical and you must check/repair motherboard components under expert’s guidance.

Method 2: Reinsert CMOS Battery

You have to check the placement of the CMOS battery, which is located beside your laptop’s motherboard. So, follow these steps to do it carefully.

  • Open your laptop cover and locate the CMOS battery. Now, take a pair of thin tweezers and pull out the battery very slowly and gently. Turn on your laptop and check if the “beep” sound is audible during the startup. 
  • If it does, then keep your computer off and remove the battery for several minutes. Then, place the battery in its exact location and close your laptop’s cover.
  • Turn on your computer and check whether you can hear the sound once again.

If you still hear the sound, follow the next method.

Method 3: Examine RAM Settings

The Asus motherboard error code 00 can take place due to some malfunction in its RAM (Random Access Memory). It can be the primary issue due to which this error is appearing. Luckily, you can solve it easily. 

You just need to check whether RAM is perfectly placed inside the slot. If not, inspect all the slots and verify whether any objects are blocking the RAM chips. 

Moreover, you also have to make sure that all the RAMs are compatible with your system.

Note: This technical process also involves high risks and requires a vast knowledge of troubleshooting Asus hardware. Hence, you must perform it under professional surveillance.

Method 4: Restart Laptop

In this case, shut down your laptop forcefully by pressing and holding the Power key for a few seconds. Keep holding the Power button until all the electricity is discharged from your laptop. Now, disconnect all the power sources and make sure no external device is attached to it.

Wait for at least 40 to 50 seconds and then turn on your computer. After powering up your laptop, you will hear a short beeping sound. It means you have successfully solved the motherboard error code 00

Method 5: Fix with Startup Repair

Launching the startup repair also can resolve the Asus error code 00. The steps are as follows:

  • Insert a bootable storage in your Asus laptop and restart it. A message will appear on your screen stating “Windows is loading files”. 
  • Now, your “Windows Install” dialog box will appear. Click on the “Install now” option and wait for a few seconds.
  • A system recovery box will appear on your screen. So, click on the “Next option” to open the “System Recovery Options”. You will find “Startup Repair” at the top position in the list. Select it and wait for the repairing process to get complete.
  • Once it is done, your computer will again restart.

Hopefully, repairing the startup process will resolve the error on your Asus device. 

Tips: All the peripherals in the Asus motherboard is very sharp and delicate. So, we advise you to handle them with care while fixing error code 00. You must also read and follow our ‘Notes’ sporadically. 

When you open the components in your laptop, be very careful and do not place them here and there. As all the primary and secondary parts of your computer are very expensive. 

Timing is quite important while applying these steps. Otherwise, a single second delay in the process can lead to many problems like corrupted OS, abnormal behavior of BIOS, HDD crash, device not turning on, and so on. 


Handle every section of your computer with care and follow the above-discussed solutions and instructions thoroughly. Unless you fix error code 00, you can’t start working on your Asus device. So, apply these methods quickly.

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