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External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac | Easy Remedies

  • Posted by Faith Armstrong
  • On November 8, 2019
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Sometimes, Macintosh OS stops showing the external hard drive connected to it. If you are experiencing the same issue, don’t worry. For some technical reasons, you cannot access it. 

There are various causes due to which your external hard drive not showing up for Mac. The causes include damaged USB port and data transfer cables, driver problems in your computer, incorrect Mac function settings, and many more.

If you are a Seagate HDD or Macintosh OS user and facing this issue, you have chosen the right destination. Here, we will discuss all the possible solutions when Seagate external hard drive (Backup plus) not showing up in Mac computers.

Effective Remedies to Resolve “External Hard Drive Not Showing up Mac”

The solutions for “external hard drive not showing up Mac are given below. Hence, follow all the instructions and perform them correctly.

Remedy 1: Change Finder Settings

One of the most common reasons for your external hard drive not showing up on Mac is your system is not fully set up for displaying the external devices. So, follow the simple steps to fix this issue.

  • Go to the “Finder” option, which is located at the top left corner of your screen. Click on it and the “Finder Preferences” box will open. 
  • Now, select the General tab and check whether there is a tick applied to the checkbox beside the “External disks” option. If the tick box is blank, check it and close the preference window.

If your problem is still not solved, then try to mount your external disk drive manually. The procedure is described in the next section.

Remedy 2: Mount External Hard Drive

If your external hard drive not showing up Mac problem continues, force your OS to do it by a simple method. You have to connect your hard disk drive and follow these steps.

  • Go to the “Finder” option as mentioned in the previous section. Now, select the “Preference” and then click on the “Disk Utility”. 
  • Check whether your external HDD is listed in the left-hand sidebar of your display. Select and highlight your drive and select “Mount”. 

If your hard drive does not respond, the FirstAid is your next stop solution.

Remedy 3: Apply FirstAid on Hard Drive

Macintosh’s built-in FirstAid tool is used to repair any sort of software problems, damaged files, application startup problems, internal and external hard drive problems, and so on. The FirstAid tool might help Mac to detect your external hard drive, which was not showing up.

  • Go to the “System Preferences” and then select the Disk Utility. Now, highlight the name of your hard drive and click on the “FirstAid” option. 
  • After that, you have to select “Run” to start the process of diagnosis and allow your Mac OS to detect and fix the problems.

If this troubleshooting tool works, then you will be able to mount your external drive. Otherwise, you can try the next solution. 

Remedy 4: Delete all Third-Party Applications

“External hard drive not showing up on Mac issue can occur if too many third-party applications conflict between each other. You can delete those applications in order to resolve the problem. To do so, you just have to follow a very easy and simple step.

Just go to Mac’s launchpad and observe all the third-party applications installed in it. Now, select these apps and move them into the trash by dragging it. 

Do it one by one and all your third-party applications will be deleted from mac. If the leftover files of these apps prevent your OS to detect the external HDD, there’s a small trick. Just download any Mac associated system file cleaning software to clean the rest of the files.

Remedy 5: Repair Disk Permissions

There is an exclusive feature in Macintosh OS, which is also popular as Disk Permissions. In this feature, every file and folder is available with a specific set of permissions. Accidentally, they can get messed up and you cannot even realize it. This can cause a serious problem if you don’t fix it as soon as possible. So, all you need to do is to follow some general instructions discussed below.

  • Open your utility software and find the “Maintenance” option. After locating it, enter into the option and select the “Repair Disk Permissions”.
  • Now, click the “OK”, “Run” or “Proceed” option and wait until the entire repairing process is over.
  • After that reboot your computer.

After applying this process, your Mac should detect the external drive. If it still doesn’t work, follow the last and the most important method. To run a diagnostics test of your external drive with the help of SeaTools, follow the steps in the final remedy.

Remedy 6: Fix Using SeaTools

Your external hard drive also may contain several issues, which can create this ‘Seagate external hard drive not showing up mac’ issue. To fix this error, you have to use Seagate’s official tool known as SeaTools. At first, you have to install the setup file (dmg) to your Mac. After that, just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Launchpad and find the installed application. Click on it to open and you will see two hard drive icons present in it.
  • Carefully look beside the hard drive icon. Here, you can see the name and size of your external drive. So, select your drive and run a “Short Generic Test”, which is located at the top of the application window. If you choose this test, it will be done within a few minutes. 
  • Now, turn your attention to the “Long Generic” test. Run the test and wait for several minutes, as the process might take some time. 
  • On completion of all these tests, close the application and reboot your Mac with your external drive attached to it.

Note: The “Long Generic” test will take time depending upon the size of your external hard drive on Mac. The bigger the size of your hard drive, it will lead to larger time consumption while conducting the test.

To Conclude

We hope that all the methods discussed here will fix your Seagate external hard drive not showing up Mac issue. It is necessary to carry out all these operations very carefully. Also, ensure that you do not interrupt any of these processes in the middle. Else, your HDD and the Mac device both can get corrupted. 

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