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MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working Issue | Instant Fixes

  • Posted by Faith Armstrong
  • On November 8, 2019
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MacBook Pro keyboard not working error can be one of the disastrous errors while working on your MacBook Pro. At times, you might notice that the keyboard completely stops, some keys do not work as per your expectations, etc. Accidental water or drinks spill can lead to various severe issues.

So, if you are worried about how to fix this issue and then, simply stick to this article. Below described are the most proven methods that you can implement on your own.

Reliable Methods to Resolve MackBook Pro Keyboard Not Working Issue:

It is not always possible to resolve all the issues on your own. That is why here we have stated the solutions that will help to resolve the problem effectively.

Solution 1: Clean the keyboard 

Cleaning the keyboard is one of the primary methods to try out. Apple’s inexpensive keyboard apple recommends its user to clean the keyboard. 

For doing this method you need a can of compressed air. To control the airflow you also need the straw as well. After you get all of the things then, follow Apple’s suggested procedures. 

Step 1: At a 75-degree angle at first, hold your MacBook.

Step 2: In the next step, spray the keyboard and for that utilize the compressed air. You have to do that in a left-to-right motion. 

Step 3: Now, just rotate your MacBook to its right side. Thereafter spray the keyboard one more time. Do this procedure from left to right direction. 

Step 4: In the final step, repeat with the MacBook rotated to its left side. 

Hopefully, the Macbook pro keyboard problem will be solved now. 

Solution 2: Always Check for the Updates 

At first, make sure if your system is up-to-date. It is possible that your keyboard is affected by outdated malware, drivers or even the operating system. 

It is essential to check for updates. For that, at first, open the App Store. After opening the app store just click on the Updates icon. Many times you find that the updates are available. 

After finding that you just need to click on the Update option. To install them just press the Update All option. 

If your MacBook checked automatically that will help you a lot to do your work easily. To do this, at first you have to go to the System Preferences option. After that, go to the App Store. 

After going there you have to check the “Automatically check for updates” box. 

Solution 3: Remove the Recent Applications 

After downloading the app sometimes the problem arises. To see if the keyboard achieves proper function, remove the recent applications. 

Sometimes you see that it does not work accordingly at that time you just need to easily reinstall them. 

We have discussed two ways and those will help you to remove all the applications manually. For these ways, utilize the Launchpad and the Finder also.

Removing Apps with the Help Of Launchpad 

If you utilize the launchpad then, it will help you to delete the applications. For that, perform the following. 

  • First, click on the Launchpad icon. 
  • After that, position the pointer over the app. Next, choose that app from which you want to get rid of. Thereafter until all the icons start to jiggle, press and hold the pointer. 
  • In the end, just press the Delete button only. 

With the Help of the Finder Remove the Applications 

With the help of the Finder, you can easily delete the apps. Here are the steps that will help you to do so. 

  • At first click on the Applications. You will find that option in the finder. 
  • After doing that, just find the application which you want to remove. For that, from the applications folder, pull it to the trash. 
  • Then, go to the Finder option. In the end, permanently remove the app go to the Empty Trash. 

Removing the Applications with the Help of Cleanmymac

If you manually remove apps that is easy to do and also quickly you can do this. But the way is not extensive at all. 

If you completely want to delete any trace of the app then this CleanMyMac uninstalls feature is the best solution for you. For that, perform the following. 

Step 1: At first, download the CleanMyMac X. You should know that it is completely free to download. Then, just launch it. 

Step 2: In the next step, just click on the Uninstaller tab. 

Step 3: After that, press View All Applications option. 

Step 4: Now, check the box for any application which you want to delete. 

Step 5: In the end, Just select the Uninstall option. 

With the help of these simple tricks, you will easily remove all the applications. 

Solutions to Try Out If Your Macbook Trackpad is Not Working: 

The trackpad of the MacBook is one of the best components to. Generally, with the help of macOS, it works perfectly. If it works perfectly that indicates you utilize trackpad trouble. 

Below we have discussed all the possible ways to help your MacBook trackpad works properly. 

Solution 1: Reboot and Close the Lid 

This is one of the strange solutions that few people have tried out. You can say this is the old “switch it off and back on again” solution. It mainly works for anything and everything. 

  • At first, from the Apple menu, restart your MacBook. 
  • When the reboot is completed, close the lid. You have to perform this to put your MacBook to sleep. After doing that, wait for two to three minutes. 
  • Finally, just open the lid. After opening the lid you will find that the trackpad should be working normally. 

For the keyboard, this solution might work. So, if you find that your keyboard is not working properly then don’t hesitate to do this step. 

Solution 2: Disconnect the Force Click 

On your Mac device if the trackpad is not working properly then you need to disable the Force Click. To Disconnect the Force Click, you need to perform the following. 

  • At first, go to the System Preferences. 
  • After that, just press the Trackpad option. Thereafter, locate the Point and Click the tab. 
  • In the end, uncheck the Force Click. Haptic feedback option also you need to uncheck. 

It needs to be mentioned that the fix only works on MacBooks which has 3D Touch.

Solution 3: Reset the Mac SMC

For all manner of hardware and power-related problem resetting the System Management Controller is a proven solution. If your MacBook has a detachable battery then you can do this easily. 

Below we have discussed on resetting the SMC in MacBooks with the help of the non-removable battery. Therefore, perform all the steps carefully. 

Step 1: At first, shut down your MacBook. 

Step 2: After that, connect the MagSafe adapter. 

Step 3: Then, hold down the Shift+Control+Option altogether. At the same time, press the power button also. 

Step 4: Thereafter, just release all the keys. Now, see if the MagSafe adapter changes its color. The SMC reset has worked if it does properly. 

Solutions to Apply if Macbook Trackpad and Keyboard Are Not Working Properly 

Below we have discussed all the steps if both MacBook trackpad and keyboard are not working accordingly. Therefore, read and follow all the solutions carefully. 

Solution 1: Delete.plist Files  

It stands for the property list. The user preference files which are related to software that is used to store in this list. To reset your keyboard you need to remove it. 

Here are some tricks that will help if both the MacBook trackpad and keyboard are not working properly. 

  • At first, press in the Finder Command+Shift+G. 
  • After that, enter the ~/Library/Preferences/ and then press the Go option. 
  • Thereafter find the following files. .driver.AppleBluetoothMultitouch.trackpad.plist-Magic Trackpad. Mouse 

  • Then, delete all the files. 
  • In the end, just restart your MacBook. 

Solution 2: Reset Pram 

To reset pram, you need to perform the following. 

Step 1: At first, close your MacBook completely. 

Step 2: Then, you need to reboot your MacBook. Thereafter before the grey screen appears press and also hold the Command+Option+P+R.

Step 3: Wait until you hear the reboot sound. After that, just release the keys. 

Step 4: In the final step you have to restart your PC in the normal way. 
These are all the solutions that will help you to fix the MacBook Pro keyboard not working effortlessly.

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