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How To Disable Touchpad When Mouse Is Plugged In? [Quick And Easy Fix]

  • Posted by Faith Armstrong
  • On November 28, 2019
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How To Disable Touchpad When Mouse Is Plugged-in

Computers nowadays come with a special touchpad that allows you to use your finger as input for a mouse. Ordinarily, a touchpad is useful when you’re using a laptop. You can carry out additional functions using gestures as well. 

Similarly, Asus has a special Smart Gesture feature on their laptops, that allows the users to scroll, drag and click with the help of their fingers. However, most users still prefer to use a traditional mouse. 

Therefore, they may not need to use the Touchpad at all. Thus, it would be useful to disable touchpad when mouse is plugged in. This could be done to prevent accidental selections on the screen or for other reasons. 

How to Disable Touchpad When Mouse is Plugged in?

There are various ways to disable touchpad on a Windows operating system. Usually, it varies from model to model. 

However, the following solutions can work in Windows operating system. You can choose to either automatically disable it temporarily or permanently disable it yourself.  

Solution 1 – Automatically Disable Touchpad 

Microsoft has already added a feature to disable touchpad when a mouse is plugged in. However, the steps are different for Windows 10 and other versions of Windows. 

By following these instructions, the system will automatically disable touchpad on its own without any user intervention. It is easy to follow and execute them as well. 

For Windows 10:

  1. Press the Windows logo button to open the Start menu. Here, click on Settings. 
  2. Next, go to Devices and select “Mouse & Touchpad”. 
  3. Here, you will see something like ‘Leave Touchpad on when a mouse is connected’. Simply click on the slider to unselect it.  
  4. Finally, save and exit the window. 

For other Versions of Windows:

  1. Press the Windows logo button and the letter ‘R’ at the same time. Here, type ‘control’ and press Enter. 
  2. Click on “View by” on the right menu pane. Here, select small icons. Find and double click on Mouse. 
  3. Subsequently, head over to the Device Settings. Here, you will see an option to disable when the mouse is connected. 
  4. Simply check this option and then click Apply. 
  5. Finally, click OK and close the program. 

Solution 2 – Manually Disable Touchpad 

Incidentally, there are two ways to manually disable touchpad in your laptop. You can directly do this from the BIOS settings or Windows operating system. Thus, you can choose to follow one of the two methods. 

Furthermore, this will permanently disable the touchpad as compared to the above solution. As a result, the touchpad will be disabled even if the mouse is not connected. Follow these steps to disable touchpad on your computer. 

Through BIOS Settings: 

  1. Restart the computer/PC. Access the BIOS settings by repeatedly pressing the relevant function key. It is either F2, F8 or F12 depending on the system. 
  2. Next, locate the touchpad driver settings in the window. Subsequently, disable the touchpad. 
  3. Finally, press F10 to exit from the BIOS menu. This will automatically save the settings as well.  

Through the Windows Operating System:

  1. Press the Windows logo button and letter ‘R’ at the same time. Next, type ‘control’ and then click on OK.
  2. The Control Panel will open up. Click on ‘View by’ from the right menu pane. Select ‘Large icons’ from the list of options. 
  3. Afterward, find and open Mouse. Head over to the Device Settings and go to Touchpad. 
  4. Here, you can easily Disable it by clicking on the option, next, click Apply. 
  5. Finally, click on Ok and restart the system. The Touchpad should be permanently disabled by now. Subsequently, you can enable it again by following the same instructions. 

Solution 3 – Keyboard Shortcut

In addition, the latest models of laptops have a special function key to enable or disable the touchpad. It is a very decent and convenient feature on most laptops. This helps you to quickly disable the touchpad without following any of the above steps. 

As a result, you can disable touchpad when a mouse is plugged in by simply pressing the relevant keys. The added functionality helps to easily toggle the touchpad of the system.  

Generally, you can disable touchpad in Asus laptops by pressing the Fn key along with F9 or F3 key. Usually, this is different and ranges from model to model. You can easily search for your model online to see if there is such a feature present on the laptop. 


Usually, you can work with both touchpad and traditional mouse at the same time. Therefore, you shouldn’t face much issue if it is left on. 

However, you may have to disable it permanently if it has malfunctioned or not working properly. You can also grab more information on touchpad related glitch through our website.

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