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Fix Asus Error Code 41 [Solved]

  • Posted by Faith Armstrong
  • On November 11, 2019
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Asus error code 41 usually occurs when the system fails to boot up. As a result, the error may show that there is no operating software installed in the system. 

You can face the Asus error when there is an overclocking issue. Overclocking refers to forcibly increasing the system’s speed and frequency. 

Further, the error also states that the memory slot has been disabled. As a result, the system is unable to boot as it cannot access the RAM. 

Whatever be the problem, you need proficient hacks to mitigate the problem at the earliest. Thus, this is where we can help you out. 

How to Fix Asus Error Code 41? 

There are a few easy solutions to fix the Asus error. Some of these solutions can also correct the overclocking issue of the computer system. Thus, you can try one or all the solutions mentioned below. 

Solution 1 – Check RAM 

In the first place, there are various types of RAM available in the market. Some are buffered or unbuffered memory. In other cases, some offer a special Error Correcting Code (ECC) mode.

Therefore, you need to check whether you have the correct type of RAM or not. Ensure that the RAM has an ECC or not. Similarly, check if your RAM has either buffered or unbuffered memory. 

Furthermore, you can face errors like Asus error code 41 if the ECC mode is enabled if you don’t have an ECC RAM. Subsequently, this mode can cause errors if it is disabled and you do have the ECC RAM. 

Thus, you can enable or disable the ECC mode by following the given steps. 

  1. Restart the system and access the BIOS settings. You can do this by repeatedly pressing the F2 or F12 key. 
  2. Go through the BIOS settings and find the ECC mode. 
  3. Subsequently, enable or disable this mode depending on the RAM type. 

Solution 2 – Try Different RAM Slots

Usually, the RAM slots’ specifications are mentioned in the manual. Thus, you need to be sure that you have inserted the RAM in the correct slot. 

Each of these RAM slots supports a different frequency as compared to others. Asus error 41 appears when the RAM is inserted in the wrong slot. 

Therefore, you can try to fix this issue by inserting the RAM in a different slot. Usually, the first two slots are generally recommended for proper bootup. 

Solution 3 – Change RAM Frequency 

Here, you can try to fix the overclocking issue by changing back the RAM frequency. It is usually mentioned in Megahertz or MHz. Generally, you can do this by accessing the BIOS settings. 

Therefore, you can follow these instructions to change the RAM frequency: 

  1. Start the computer and access your BIOS settings. 
  2. Here, you have to look for ‘RAM Frequency’ or something similar (It is different for each BIOS firmware). 
  3. The value for the frequency is expressed in MHz. Click on the frequency value and choose a lower or moderate frequency. A higher frequency can cause Asus error 41.
  4. Finally, save the settings and see if the issue has been resolved. 

Solution 4 – Change Maximus Tweak Mode 

Asus Maximus offers a set of predetermined settings for better clocking speed of the system. Ordinarily, this is set to auto by default. Therefore, you can try the other modes to resolve the Asus error.

You can do this by following the given steps: 

  1. Turn on your computer and access the BIOS settings. 
  2. Head over to the ‘Extreme Tweaker’ tab. Here, you will find an option for ‘Maximus Tweak’. 
  3. Click on the drop-down and change it from ‘Auto’ to ‘Mode 1’. 
  4. Save these settings and restart the system. 
  5. Change this to ‘Mode 2’ if you’re still facing the issue.  

Solution 5 – Change System Agent and DRAM Voltage

Another way to resolve Asus error code 41 is by changing the System Agent and DRAM Voltage. In comparison to the previous solution, this can be done through BIOS settings as well. 

Follow the given instructions to change these voltages: 

  1. Start the system and access the BIOS settings. 
  2. Here, you need to find and locate the System Agent Voltage. Similarly, look for DRAM voltage and IO voltage as well. 
  3. Subsequently, increase them by a small degree. Really high voltage can overheat the computer system. Therefore, you need to increase to an acceptable limit. 

Solution 6 – Reset CMOS Settings 

You can try to fix the Asus error by resetting the CMOS settings as a last resort. However, you may need technical assistance at this point. Or else, you can do this by following the given steps: 

  1. Remove the power supply from the computer. Take a screwdriver and open the CPU. Put it down to keep the motherboard horizontally on a plain surface. 
  2. Here, you need to look carefully and locate the CLRTC jumper. It will be labeled with the same name and have two protruding pins. 
  3. Next, you have to connect the two pins together with a metal object. You can use a wire or any other metal object. 
  4. Make sure that you do not touch anything else. Finally, assemble the CPU back together and turn it on. The problem should be fixed by now. 


For the most part, it could either be a faulty RAM or RAM port in the system. Thus, you may need to replace these with new ones.

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