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How to Fix Dell Error code 2000-0142

How to Resolve Dell Error code 2000-0142

Dell error code 2000-0142 is among the many boot errors that appear in your computer when there is any hardware malfunction. The error might lead to various unavoidable circumstances and hence, it is required to be resolved. 

Here, we have discussed the causes that are responsible for this Dell error code 2000-0142 so that you can have a better idea about how to fix it.

Factors that Trigger Dell Error 2000-0142:

If there is any problem with your hard drive and it is unable to read any information and data, the error can pop up on the screen. The tool PSA (Pre-Startup Assessment) helps to figure out whether this error occurred due to CPU failure or something else. However, other factors that might cause this error 2000-0142 to occur in Dell computer are:

  • Corrupted memory or Master Boot Record (MBR)  might be the reason why your system is not starting.
  • Incorrect adjustment of the cables inside the CPU panel can lead to hardware failure.
  • Any sort of mechanical damage like can lead to broken reader heads which is why the hard drive is unable to read the information correctly.

Easy Fixes to Eradicate Dell error code 2000-0142:

Any of the above-mentioned factors is enough to shut down your system if the error is not resolved. Here’s a list of some common solutions that will help you to get rid of this boot error:

Solution 1: Update and Reinstall Windows

If you are using Windows 7 and encountering this boot error then, you can update your OS to another latest version like Windows 8 or 10. Moreover, if you simply reinstalling your current Windows system can also help to fix this problem.

Note: It is always recommended to keep a backup of your data in advance as it may be deleted or damaged during the reinstallation process.

Solution 2: Replace Read/Write drives

Sometimes due to some mechanical faults like overheating or sudden knocks, the read/write heads of the hard drive can get damaged. Thus, it will not perform properly and the information input will not get processed. In this situation, the only way to fix this Dell error 2000-0142 is to replace this read/write heads. There are several engineers and technicians available who can do this if you are unaware of how to change it by yourself. 

Solution 3: Run a Disk Check in Command Prompt

The Master Boot Record holds information on the location of your OS, and kernel. This tells your computer where to load the OS. So, if your MBR is corrupted, then performing Disc Check will help to detect any corrupted data from your system. 

Moreover, it is always recommended to keep a backup of your data in case it is deleted during disc failure.

Now, perform the following:

  • First, open your disc drive and enter the Windows 10 installation disc in it. 
  • Now, start your Dell computer.
  • Press F8 or any other key (if prompted) to select the DVD drive from the boot menu.
  • After that, choose time, language and currency correctly and select the mode of input like keyboard, etc.
  • Next, tap the Repair your Computer option in the current window.
  • Select the Operating System you want to repair or reinstall.
  • Press Enter key.
  • A new dialog box will open with the name System Recovery Option.
  • Hit the Command Prompt Tab and type Chkdsk /f /r.
  • Alternatively, you can command and press enter to detect and repair corrupt files from your system.

Solution 4: Recover Data by Using an External USB HDD Converter

If any of the above-discussed solutions did not help you in removing the Dell error code 2000-0142 then try repairing your hard drive by using an External USB HDD Converter. 

The External USB HDD Converter can be used as a secondary drive while connecting it to some other computer. Few extra cables always come with Dell computers to connect it with another SATA drive. 

When only the windows files or the motherboard region of the computer is affected, you can still recover that data with the help of this External USB HDD Converter. This process costs a lot and needs expert data analysts and engineers to retrieve the corrupted data.

They might also change the read/write heads for correct data processing. This whole process is quite tedious and with very high expenses. Therefore, make sure whether you want to buy this External USB HDD Converter worth a lot of money to retrieve the data or not. 

These are the most effective and practical solutions that helped several Dell users to remove this annoying boot error code 2000-0142 that caused the hardware failure. You will also not face this issue after performing these troubleshooting methods discussed above. 

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