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How To Take A Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop? (A Complete Guide)

how to screenshot on lenovo laptop

There are a number of users who use Lenovo laptop. But in case you are unaware about how to screenshot on Lenovo’s laptop, then this guide is for you.

Sometimes your PrtScn key might not work properly. Then, don’t get panic because we have discussed various ways that will help you take a screenshot effortlessly.

Taking a screenshot is required for various reasons. Such as sometimes you play a game in your windows and you want to show others your achievements. For that, you will require a screenshot. 

To provide you a better guidance, here we have covered all the procedures in this article. After reading and following all the steps properly you will easily understand how to screenshot on Lenovo yoga laptop. 

Easy Tips and Tricks on How to Take Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop:

If you are facing difficulty in while taking a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop, then try out the methods that are described below.

Method 1: Use the Keyboard Shortcut: Prtscn (Print Screen) Or Ctrl + Prtscn 

For all versions of windows, this method generally works. 

Here, you have to press the PrtScn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. For shortcut press the CTRL+PrtScn keys. After you do this for the whole screen Windows create a screenshot. Then, you need to save it to the clipboard. 

Method 2: Utilize the Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Prtscn 

Many times whole screen screenshots is required. After that, on the hard drive, you want to save that as a file.

Then, you don’t need to utilize any other tools. Just press the Windows +PrtScn option together on your screen. 

At the pictures library, windows gather all the screenshots which you took. All these screenshots are gathered in the screenshot folder. The name of that folder is “Screenshot (number).

Solution 3: Utilize the Keyboard Shortcut: Alt+Prtscn 

You can also take the screenshots from the active window. For that, at first, you have to open that window which you want to capture. After opening the window on your keyboard, press the Alt+PrtScn together.

In the Clipboard, that screenshot is saved. So, if you want to edit it then open Paint or any other photo editing applications. Then, paste the image and save it to your Windows computer for editing. 

Method 4: Utilize the Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Shift + S (Windows 10 Only)

Windows 10 is the most common operating system for users. So, if you want to capture a region of your screen then just press Windows +Shift +S. After that, copy it to the clipboard. 

When you finished the process you will notice that the screen becomes indistinct. Then, you will notice a cursor. With the help of that cursor, you can draw on the screen. The region you need to mention which you want to capture in a screenshot. 

After that, just press the left portion of your mouse. After drawing the area which you want to capture next you need to release the mouse button.

Sometimes you can also utilize the touchscreen. That time you need to draw the area with the help of your finger. On the screen draw that portion which you want to capture. 

After finishing the task, your screenshot will be saved on the clipboard. Then, just open any kind of photo editing applications such as paint. There you just have to paste the screenshot. Thus, you can edit the screenshot and then don’t forget to save it. 

It is great that now this feature is part of Windows 10 but originally it was part of OneNote. 

Solution 5: Utilize the Snipping Tool 

If you want to take screenshots then you can utilize the Snipping tool. So, if you talk about desktop application then, it is the best option. With the help of this app, you can create all kinds of screenshots. So, if you want to do some light editing then is the app is the best option for you. 

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 7 then you might want to get this app. For that, at first, you have to search for the words “snipping tool” in the start menu search box. 

There is another procedure for if you are a Windows 8.1 user. Then, first go to the Start screen. After going there just press or tap on the proper search result. 

Method 6: Only for Windows 10 Utilize the Snip and Sketch App

In Windows 10 at that time both of the applications were available. But you should note that Snip and Sketch add more new features. After you take the screenshots this app mainly targets to sketch them. 

Definitely, you want to capture a screenshot with the help of the Snip and Sketch. Then, you should remember that to capture the screenshot it has more than one method. 

In the Snip and Sketch app at first, you need to press the New button. For a shortcut, you can press CTRL+N from your keyboard. 

To take a screenshot with the help of the Snip and Sketch that offers three options. Those options are rectangular, fullscreen and free-form and with the help of this method, you can take a screenshot.

After you have finished taking a screenshot then, Snip and Sketch open an editing window. To process the screenshot further you find that the editing window is ready. 

Solution 7: Utilize the Keyboard Shortcut: Windows +Alt+Prtscn

For Windows 10 there is a feature called Game Bar. You can even utilize this feature whenever you play any kind of game. From the active game window, you can easily take a screenshot with the help of this feature. 

For that, at the time of playing a game, you need to press the keys Windows +Alt +PrtScn together. You will find then automatically a screenshot is created. 

Just press the Windows + G together you will be able to bring up the Game Bar. After that, you need to press the “Take screenshot” button. 

You will then find that in your videos library your screenshot is saved. That is saved in the  Captures folder. There are various things included in the filename. 

That name includes the name of the game which you are playing. The date and time when the screenshot was made that is also included in the name. 


We have to stop here as we described various methods properly. With the help of these solutions, you can easily understand how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop.

If you have more queries or information then you can state your views in the comment section below.

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