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Mac Sound Not Working [Solved]

  • Posted by Faith Armstrong
  • On November 8, 2019
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MacBooks are the choices of many top-notch professionals for their professional as well as personal work. Even many gamers, movie-freaks, bloggers like to own a MacBook for the ease of their activity. Well, how much the technology evolves, there remains a glitch always. MacBooks are also not free from glitches. 

There are many MacBook users who are complaining that the sound is not working on Mac. That’s why we have composed this article to help you out when you find Mac sound not working issue.

Causes Behind Mac Sound Not Working Issue:

If you are facing no sound issue when you have connected speaker or earphones, then you need to check if you have selected the right device. The selection of the wrong device will automatically produce no sound on your earphones or speakers connected with your Macbook. 

Sometimes, you can’t control the volumes due to other audio devices that are connected to the MacBook. These audio devices have their own volume configuration and you can’t control them. These are some prime causes behind sound not working on Mac. This problem also occurs when you have connected some third-party audio devices to your Macbook.

How to Fix Mac Sound Not Working Issue?

We have arranged numerous solutions to fix the Mac sound not working error. The solutions are arranged in a way that is quite complex when you proceed with them one by one. Let’s start.

Fix 1: Play Anything on your Mac

If you can’t hear any sound out of your MacBook, then at first, you should play anything on your MacBook. Play any Mp3 or Mp4 to check the sound. You may also log in to iTunes to play songs and check if it sounds with an online connection.

Fix 2: Adjust the Volume

If you have played any audio or video (obviously with audio content) content, then check the volume controls now. Make sure that the volume is not on low. 

You can miss the sound if the Macbook is on low volume. Moreover, adjust or increase the volume to get clear audio output.

Fix 3: Use a Different App

You have tried the music app on the Macbook. But are you still unable to hear sound from Macbook? If yes, then log on to some other music app. Even you can launch the Safari browser and play songs over the browser. Check if you can hear the audio this time.

Fix 4: Restart the Application

You can shut the application down on which you have played the audio. After some time, launch the application again. Play the audio file again to check whether it starts responding now.

Fix 5: Use Earphones

To be sure that the problem has not occurred due to internal damage, you can use earphones. If you find out that you can clearly hear the audio through earphones, then maybe the application is faulty. 

Also, check whether you have left the MacBook connected to earphones. If yes. then you can’t hear anything from the MacBook.

Fix 6: Verify the Ports of your MacBook

You need to check the ports of your Macbook if any cable is connected to HDMI or any other port. If yes, then consequently you are unable to listen to the music you have played.

Fix 7: Update the Software

If you still can’t hear anything from your Macbook, then check if there is any available update of macOS. If available, you need to update the software. Outdated macOS can’t cooperate with updated sound drivers.

Fix 8: Restart the Sound Controller

If all the above fixes can’t resolve the error of Mac sound not working, then consider this fix, immediately. Expand Activity Monitor. Check out the list of processes. Find out the process ‘CoreAudio’. Select the process and close it. The system will automatically restart the process and the trouble may get fixed.

Fix 9: Use System Preferences

You can check out System Preferences and configure sound settings. You need to open the System Preferences interface. Then choose the Sound option. Check whether all the settings are ok and nothing is on Mute option. Check if you can listen to the music on the Macbook now.

Fix 10: Reset the PRAM

When none of the above fixes are working, you can try out this fix. This can resolve the error to some extent if it is associated with minor issues. You have to restart your Macbook while holding the combination of keys: P,R,Command, and Option. This may help you fix the problem.

These are the most known and effective solutions to get rid of the Mac sound not working issue. If you can’t fix the error by using the previous hacks, then you can contact an experienced expert to fix this problem.

How to Fix HDMI Sound Not Working Mac?

While no sound on Mac has some definite solutions, the same applies to HDMI sound not working on Mac. Suppose you have connected the TV with your MacBook using the HDMI cable and port but you are not getting any sound on the TV. 

Then, you will need the following fixes to resolve this issue. So go through them and apply them carefully.

Method 1: Choose your TV As the Audio Output Device

Once you encounter this issue, firstly check if you have selected your connected TV as the audio output device. To do this, perform the following steps one by one.

  1. You have to press and hold the Option key from the keyboard and choose the icon of the Speaker. You can easily find out the Speaker icon in the menu bar which is situated at the top-right corner on your Macbook screen.
  2. Then select the ‘HDMI connect TV’ from the drop-down menu.

Check if this resolves the sound problem of HDMI on Mac.

Method 2: Reset the Format

You can reset some formats to get rid of this error. This fix is very simple to understand and easy to apply. All you need is to follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Applications. 
  2. Expand the Utility section. You need to double-click on MIDI Setup.
  3. Choose the device connected to the HDMI port. You need to change the value of ‘Format’ to 00Hz.

Check whether it fixes the sound problem of Macbook through HDMI port. 

Method 3: Modify System Preferences

You can adjust the settings under System Preferences to get the sound back on your MacBook. All you need to do is to follow the given procedure below.

  1. Go to the Apple icon from the Menu bar and click on System Preferences. Choose the Sound icon. 
  2. Next, you have to opt for the Sound Effects option. You have to select your TV from the drop-down menu under the ‘Play sound effects through’ section.
  3. Go to the Output tab and you have to choose your TV under the section ‘Select a device for sound output’. 
  4. Next, follow the path: Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup. Expand the last menu.
  5. You have to select your TV under the ‘Source’ menu in the Output tab.
  6. If you can’t locate any speaker icon in the HDMI list, then choose the Wheel icon. Ensure that the sound output is selected and the speaker icon is visible.

If you still can’t hear sound from the connected TV, then log out of the TV and try to connect your TV and MacBook again. 
Hopefully, you have found these fixes helpful in fixing the Mac sound not working issue.

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