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How to Repair and Replace Toshiba Laptop Battery?

Almost all laptop comes on the stage when its battery doesn’t get charged that is got older. Toshiba Laptop consists of the chemical battery that is managed by the digital battery. One of the common protocols is System Management Bus better known as SMBus. SMBus have the five or more battery connections associated with it included a positive terminal and negative battery terminals, thermistor, clock, and data. Often the connections are unmarked however positive and negative are commonly and easily located at the outer edge of the connector and inner contacts accommodate thermistor wire to illustrate battery six connections. To get the Toshiba Laptop Battery Repair Service under the supervision of our qualified technicians and experts.

Repair And Replace Laptop Battery


Steps to Repair and Replace Laptop Battery:-

Getting the Toshiba Laptop replace is easier than getting it fixed. But it can be your choice as well to get the repair done as there is small damage to laptop battery or get it replaced if it is not in good condition. Our qualified, skilled and capable tech experts are available 24*7 to guide you for repairing or replacing the battery which so ever you opt for. In case you are thinking of doing the repairing or replacing the part on your own? Follow the below blog steps and guidelines to get the damaged fix.

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Certain guidelines you need to keep in mind

  • Only need to connect cells that are matched in capacity and do it carefully while not mixing up the cells with different chemistries.
  • Never charge or discharge Li-ion batteries unattended without a working protection circuit. Monitor the cell individually with a circuit which is protected.
  • Temperature sensor needs to be included as it disrupts the charge current on high heat.
  • Apply a slow charge to a repaired pack to bring all cells to parity.
  • Pay attention when using an unknown brand. Elevated temperature hints to an anomaly.
  • Li-ion is sensitive to reverse polarization. Observe correct polarity.
  • Li-ion batteries don’t need to be charged that has physical damage, has bulged or has dwelled at less voltage for some time.
  • Check a repaired pack for self-discharge. Intrinsic defects often have high self-discharge.

Follow the steps to Repair Toshiba Laptop Battery:

Step 1: Remove the Laptop from charging

Step 2: Take off the Laptop battery from the slot

Step 3: Uninstall the battery software in case any issues have been observed with the driver

Step 4: Check thoroughly for the Laptop batter hardware issues and get them fixed

Step 5: Re-Install and update the battery driver software getting the software fixed if found guilty

Step 6: BIOS configuration is reset to default and turn off the laptop, then on, to enter the BIOS setting press F2, DEL, or F12, Locate the reset option to load the configuration, load the factory defaults clear the BIOS settings load setup defaults, with arrow keys, press enter and confirm the operation, Once you have logged into Windows see if issue with charging is solved or not

Step 7:  if none of the steps work to replace the battery with original and get the laptop in working with no more tension or worry.

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