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How to Repair Toshiba Laptop Adapter?

Now fix your Toshiba Laptop Adapter power cord that is failing to supply consistent power to laptop from past someday. Avail the support to get the device fixed by the tech experts whom you can get connected via dialing our toll-free number. No matter how much you fondle the cord into this position or that it won’t charge your Laptop battery or power up your computer or laptop. In order to get your Toshiba Laptop Adapter Repair Service first you need to consider the following blog steps or simply connect with qualified, certified and capable tech engineers who hold sufficient knowledge. Consider the break in the power cord where exactly it had happened. In case you are thinking of buying the new adapter go through the following check.

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Steps to Repair Toshiba Laptop Adapter:-

  • Verify the adapter plugged into wall outlet: make sure AC adapter if firmly and securely plugged into wall outlet may be it sounds obvious but chance to lose without even knowing can happen
  • Check the indicator light of the adapter: On the adapter brick there is light on most of the laptop adapter and if you find it lit with green light that means it is working well
  • Check the wall outlet itself: Chose voltmeter to verify whether the power outlet is supplying the power or not. Double check circuit breaker and make sure nothing is tripped or turned off.
  • Checking brick Connection of Adapter: Check for both the pieces of Adapter as some charger come in two pieces, the rectangular box piece is called as a brick.
  • Adapter plugged into the laptop: Adapter can disconnect from laptop easily, therefore, get it verified before.

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Follow steps to Repair Laptop Adapter:

Step 1: After checking all connection between adapter and laptop, adapter and wall outlet which if found loose and required to be repaired do it with electrical tape to hold it in place so the charger can receive the power which is temporary fix however faulty connection can create sparks and cause a fire.

Step 2: Switch of the Toshiba laptop and upside down, locate the latch to take off the battery. In case not able to take off coming out easily give it a tug apply the small amount of rubbing alcohol to the tip of connection swab and use it to clean battery connectors if any kind of dirt is found remove as it can build up and interfere with connection giving the appearance of the broken charger. See if the alcohol is completely dry and reassemble

Step 3: Try the laptop power now without the adapter as it is removed. If it does not the for sure the culprit is Adapter and need to be replaced. Now re-insert the battery by sliding the latch and securely plug in power cord to test it again.

Step 4: Still not working get the repair done with the assistance of qualified technicians who will help you in fixing the broken adapter or cable reconnecting if it is de-attached.

Step 5: After the repair is done check the adapter by plugging the cable into the wall side and another end in the laptop power slot.

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To connect with skilled technicians call to Toshiba Laptop Support Phone Number +1-855-789-0291 (toll-free) and avail the assistance under the guidance of qualified technicians. You can connect via with technicians over the call or drop an email to customer support email id address or have live chat with tech specialist for clarification of the technical fault of Toshiba Laptop Adapter. You must feel free always to communicate with us and get the laptop adapter repair done immediately and instantly under efficient tech experts guidance.

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