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Fixed Toshiba Laptop Function Keys Not Working With Incredible Methods

In this modern technology era, Toshiba is one of the topmost companies that manufactures superior quality laptops as well. But, users need to update Toshiba laptops in a regular manner to keep up the performance level. Otherwise, it will start to show various problems. Toshiba laptop function keys not working is one of the most common issues that is encountered by a number of users.

Unfortunately, if you are also getting the same error, then you have to fix it at the earliest possible. Keeping this in the mind we are going to discuss some excellent hacks that will definitely help you get rid of the error.

Why Fn Key Not Working Toshiba?

There are multiple reasons for what you might face function key not working issue as well. So, here in this section, we have discussed various reasons for this issue. Have a deep look at the entire article and learn more about it.

  • In case, if the drivers of your Toshiba laptop get outdated, then there is a possibility of getting this issue.
  • By chance, if any liquid or fluid fall down on the keyboard, then you may find that Fn key stops working as well.
  • Any hardware related problem is also responsible for this issue.

How to Enable Function Keys on Toshiba Laptop? : Stepwise Instructions

Fixing Toshiba function keys not working issue comprises simple methods to solve this. So, you have to follow the steps exactly the same and get rid of the issue at the earliest possible.

Method 1: Troubleshoot Flash Card Settings

This is the primary method by which you can resolve this issue properly. The very first thing you have to do is to switch On your device and then, navigate to the Start option. Now, choose the “All Programs” option and click on it. After that, navigate to the Toshiba icon and then, select Utilities by clicking on it. Then, move to the “Restart Flash Card” option. Now, go to the settings option for Flash Card. Next, you need to be assured that the option “Disable all function keys” is unchecked. Finally, reboot your device and check if the error still appears or get resolved.

Method 2: Re-Power the Laptop

By any chance, if your Toshiba laptop’s function key stops working, then you need to follow these methods to re-power your Toshiba laptop.

  1. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to shut down your device properly.
  2. After that, you have to remove the battery of the laptop and detach the power cables as well.
  3. Now, tap on and hold down the Power key for almost about sixty seconds. You can find the Power button on the back of your device.
  4. Then, you need to insert the battery back to your system and switch on your laptop.
  5. Now, verify whether the Toshiba laptop function keys not working issue gets fixed or not.

Method 3: Update the Keyboard Driver and HID Driver Manually

If you are using a corrupted, old or missing keyboard driver, then it can be the reason for this issue. At that time you must update the keyboard drivers as well. So, go through the steps and execute the same.

First, you have to open a web browser and then navigate to the address bar. Now, type the official address of your Toshiba laptop and tap on the Enter key. Wait for some time while the searching process is going on. You can see a list of the available updates will show on the screen. Tap on any the option and then click on Install icon. You have to choose the drivers that are compatible with your laptop.

After completing the entire step restart your device and check if you are still facing the glitch or not. In case, if you see the issue is still appearing then move to the next step and get rid of the problem.

Method 4: Clean the Keyboard with an Air Duster

If your Toshiba keyboard gets stuck with dust particles, then the keys may restrict you to work properly with it. In this case, you have to remove the dust from the keyboard by a clean cotton swab. Clean the keyboard properly. By any case, if you don’t have a compressed air duster then you can buy it as well.

Method 5: Update the Operating System

If none of the above methods will help you to fix the Toshiba function keys not working issue, then as an alternate method you can follow this one. At first, navigate to the Windows main screen and tap on the “Start” menu. Then, click on the “Search bar” in the Start menu and type ‘Setting’ in the blank field. Moreover, you can also launch the notification bar and then, click on the Setting icon to start the “Setting’ window. On the new window, select the option “Update and Security.” Now, locate the option  “Check for Update” and left click on it. It will help you to find the exactly available update for your device.

Additional Methods:

Here, we are going to discuss the procedures to lock the function key in your Toshiba laptop. If the key fails to function properly, then to avoid further damage you can choose to lock the Fn key. So, initially, you have to switch On your laptop. Then, tap on the F10 button and you have to put the BIOS Setup window in the box. Then, with the help of the arrow key, move to the System Configuration option and then choose the “Action Keys Mode” option. After that, tap on the Enter button from the keyboard and click on “Disable” option as per your choice. After that, tap on the F10 button for once more and restart your device as well.

Wrapping Up

It is really very disturbing when you are going to do an urgent job with your laptop and the Fn key won’t allow you to do so. Hopefully, the mentioned fixes will help you to mitigate the Toshiba laptop function keys not working issue, as soon as possible. But, in case, if you face any sort of complications regarding the solutions, then you can write your queries in the comment box. We will be glad to receive your valuable feedback.

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