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Troubleshoot MacBook Won’t Charge Issue | StepWise Guide

Sometimes your MacBook won’t charge even after plugging in your charging cable can be an erroneous situation for most of the users. This is really frustrating when you are working with your MacBook. So, if you want to fix this issue and do not know how to do it then follow this article thoroughly.

But before that let’s look at the common causes that originate this issue.

Why Does MacBook Pro Won’t Charge?

Several reasons are there for which your MacBook won’t charge. So, if you want to fix the issue then you must know its deep-rooted causes. Here are the common causes that are responsible for this situation.

  • Due to the broken connections, your MacBook won’t charge.
  • Incorrect settings is another reason that can cause this issue.
  • For hardware problems, your MacBook Pro won’t charge.
  • When the overheating issue occurs, you MacBook won’t charge
  • Due to the critical condition of your battery, you might face this issue.

Whenever you encounter this issue, do not worry. Fortunately, some effective solutions are there that you can use and fix this issue instantly.

Six Steps to Follow and Fix MacBook Won’t Charge Issue:

In this section, we are going to discuss the best solutions that can solve this problem effectively. 

1. Verify the Basics 

Whenever you see your MacBook won’t charge, then check the power cable properly. If there is any broken spot or dark stains or there is any damage then your MacBook Pro won’t charge. So, replace or fix the power cable, see if the issue gets fixed or not.

The second thing that you have to verify is the port. Sometimes dust is there in the port that can block the connection and cause this issue. So, clear the dust by using a toothpick or wooden object.

Now double-check whether your system is plugged into the wall socket or not. Then, turn on your system and fix the issue by using another socket.

2. Restart Your MacBook

Restart is the quickest and effective troubleshooting method that can fix Macbook won’t charge issue. So reboot your system and try to fix the issue.

  • Click on the Apple logo from the top left corner of your screen.
  • Select the Restart option
  • Once the restart process completes, try to charge your MackBook and check the issue.

3. Reset the SMC

The full form of SMC is the System Management Controller. This chip controller controls many important operations of your MacBook computer. So, if you see your MacBook Air won’t charge then reset the SMC. So, if you are using a non-removable battery MacBook then you have to follow these steps.

  • Go to the top left of your screen and click on the Apple icon.
  • Click on the Shutdown.
  • Plug-in the MagSafe or USB-C power adapter to a power source as well as to your computer.
  • Open your in-built keyboard and press the shift-control-option keys and the power sign button simultaneously.
  • Now leave all the Keys and power buttons at the same time.
  • Press the Power button again and switch on your MacBook.
  • Try to charge your laptop and verify the issue.

4. Examine Your Battery

If you use your Macbook excessively then your MacBook battery drains out faster. Therefore, check the status of the battery on a regular basis so that your MacBook will not stop working at an inappropriate time. So, if you see Macbook won’t turn on or charge then check the health of the battery.

  • Press and hold Option or Alt key and hit the battery icon from the menu bar.
  • You can see the four statuses of the battery- Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now and Service Battery.

5. Check Settings

When your MacBook won’t charge, check your settings. Sometimes settings can drain the battery.

  • Open your System Preferences and select Settings and then Energy Saver.
  • Check the computer sleep and Display the sleep mode
  • If you see they are set to Never then Click the Default button and reset them.

6. Control the Overheating Issue

If the MacBook and charger get overheated then this issue can generate. So whenever the battery overheats, apple battery would stop working automatically. So if you want to charge it then turn off your MacBook and wait for some time or you can use a working fan and cool down your system. Once it cools down, try to charge your MacBook and check the issue.

Concluding Words…

Apply all these solutions one by one when your MacBook Pro won’t charge. All these methods are described in a simple and easy language that you can follow easily.

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